Feature Personalization
Define new User Experiences at runtime
Hansel breaks your code into atomic attributes. Group them together to define a feature or promotion instantly. These could be layouts, algorithms, offers or any complex feature.
Create variants post release
Empower your product teams build variants long after the app release. Create new variants, edit older ones and run fresh experiments - all in real-time.
Target any user cohort instantly
Create complex user segments at runtime and test feature efficacy across a combination of these. You don’t need to settle for a one size fits all approach.
Measure impact without additional code
Hansel integrates with all your analytics providers and lets you automatically add events, to measure impact on any metric without a release.

Types of Experiments

Run client or server, pre-compiled or runtime experiments for optimal results.

Server Side

Run experiments on backend logic that can be deployed across all client platforms in minutes using the Hansel server side SDK.


Break free of release cycles with Hansel's visual editor. Modify not just text and color, but also images, views and page structure.


Package a server driven dynamic change along with pre-compiled client code to create a complex experiment with absolute ease.


Test various versions of any feature at the same time with simple variable changes that invoke different parts of the code.

Retroactive API Based Experiments

Retroactively test promotions, layouts and offers, even for previous versions. Trap API calls and create multiple variants to experiment across different user segments.


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