Feature Personalization
Data Integrations
Don’t let your nudge become a nag. Pull customer data from your analytics and internal systems to instantly derive user context.
Centralize Data from
Any Source
Pull data from analytics sources automatically on integration.

Connect Hansel to internal and external data sources for advanced use cases.

Create simple to complex targeting conditions using streaming data and attribute data.
Out of the Box
Hansel partners with leading analytics solutions to power no-code nudges.

A magic key format means using analytics data is simply by adding a line of code during integration.

Hansel instantly populates the entirety of customer data from your preferred analytics solution.
Automatic Data Parsing
All data types, including user events, pulled into Hansel are automatically parsed into Behavioral and Attribute sections.

Build segments based on historical user behavior (clicks, views, and scrolls), based on real-time user attributes (location, name and age), or a combination of both.

Leverage user attributes independent of its main parent event and combine it with other user events to create entirely unique Segments
An Interface That
Powers Segmentation
Never leave the Interactions Map. Create net
new segments and deploy them on the Map,
all within the same workflow.

The Interactions Map, with its sequential
nodes of user segments, by its very use,
creates segments: users who do action X, and
then action Y, who live in NYC, are a segment
unto itself.

Use the Interactions Map to create sequential
segments for product paths in your app.
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