Bayesian Powered

Micro-segmented experiments, Unmatched configuration capabilities, Complex reporting and visualization capabilities

Instantly Configurable Experiments

Hansel’s architecture is uniquely suited to run the most complex experiments with absolute ease. Any part of the application can be made configurable, modified and experimented effortlessly, at runtime.

Rapid RoI Experiments

Hansel continuously optimizes yield through proprietary probabilistic learning models. Helps eliminate false positives, and leads to quicker decision making and RoI!

Automatic Micro-segmentation

Hansel helps figure out statistically significant winning micro-segments among all variants, leading to improved RoI from every experiment you run.

Proprietary Bi-modal Randomization Algorithm

Hansel ensures unbiased distribution through two layers of randomisation across experiment and variant types, pushing different variants to different sets of people.

Experiment. Customize. Repeat.
Real Time Experiment Trends and Cohorting
Real Time Experiment Trends and Cohorting

Real-Time Experiment Trends and Cohorting

Hansel allows you to visualize experiment results in real-time in a time-series format. The power of the visualization is enhanced by allowing you to create micro-segments and cohorts, to see the impact of the experiment in important user cohorts.

Automatic Data Import

Automatic Data Import

Hansel automatically imports all data and events that are present in the app with literally zero dev effort. All it takes is point-click-add to track events as goals of an experiment.

Automatic Data Import
Automatic Micro-segmentation
Automatic Micro-segmentation

Auto-forwarding to Third-Party Analytics Providers

Enabling this feature would allow all experiment and event data to be forwarded to any of the supported third-party analytics vendors. Again, with zero dev effort!


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