1 Fix bugs at runtime

hansel.io lets you fix production bugs at runtime. You can use programming constructs including try catch blocks, gating function calls and more to fix any bug your live app might have. And most importantly you can do all this without a new release and staying within the app store and play store guidelines!

2 Fix rogue functions at runtime

Are your functions sending improper return values or getting erroneous input parameters? hansel.io lets you modify and fix input parameters and return values of functions, realtime.

3 In-app communication

Got a new feature update for a specific set of users? Want some of your users to upgrade right away? Want to force update your users? Communicate contextually with your users with in-app messages and notifications.

4 Dynamic diagnosis and analytics

hansel.io lets you add or remove logs at runtime to help you diagnose and debug production issues. You can also add analytics events on the fly to track any events you might have missed tracking in your release cycle.

1 Selective Feature Rollout

You no longer need to tie feature releases to your app release cycle. You don't even have to pre-bake configs to control your releases. You can create/group new features together at runtime and roll it out to targeted audiences when you want to.

2 Scalable rollout

Not sure about how a feature will perform? Not sure if you want to release it your your entire user base? Worry not! With Hansel, you can target and roll your features out to a percentage of your users.

3 Instant rollback

Waiting until the next release cycle to kill a badly performing feature? With hansel.io you can instantly kill features which are not performing well. Even if it’s just a function whose input/output parameters you want to modify, you can easily do it with Hansel feature flags.

4 Scheduled rollout/rollback

You can now set features on or off for any set time intervals. Would you like to rollout a feature only at 10 AM PST? Would you like to rollback a promotional feature at the end of Christmas? It’s all a button click away.

1 Manage assets at runtime

Modify app assets at runtime without coding. With hansel.io you can now change navigation items, colour, text, position or altogether replace icons with new ones.

2 Manage layouts and themes at runtime

With hansel.io you don’t need to plan for the seasonal promotions months in advance. You can now edit your layouts and themes at runtime.

3 Fix, test and validate UI/UX at runtime

Rapidly replace broken UI on specific devices. Optimise UX flows at runtime, change UI & measure conversions to see what you should invest in. Validate your ideas before investing in dev hours.

4 Create new onboarding screens at runtime

Notice that the new feature you developed isn’t being used because your users do not know how to use it? Well, with hansel.io you can now add onboarding screens on the fly to help your users understand your app better.

1 Manage all configs from one place

hansel.io automatically imports all your native configs on to our dashboard and allows you to create new configs seemlessly.

2 Target user segments without changing code

You can use hansel.io config manager to instantly change app behaviour for various segments without adding a single line of code. For example, various seasonal promotions can be turned on/off with a single configuration.

3 Alter app behaviour at runtime

You can now alter strings, URLs, dimensions, colour and much more using hansel.io config manager. All you need to do is integrate with our SDK. You can do all of this without changing the way you code.

4 Schedule configs at runtime

hansel.io allows you to turn on configurations from any given time and turn off at any set time. Schedule promotions, feature rollouts, and holiday changes effortlessly and elegantly.

1 Remote data wipe

Worried about confidential data going into wrong hands? With hansel.io you can remotely wipe data off compromised apps.

2 Integrity check

Worried about compromised apps hitting your servers? Well, with hansel.io you can remotely disable compromised apps at runtime.

3 Jailbreak and root protection

Worried about the wrong set of users getting access to your apps? With hansel.io you can block jailbroken and rooted devices from accessing apps.