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Analytics Integrations

There are two types of integrations with third party analytics vendors:

Forward Integration

Hansel sends event data to both the 3rd party analytics vendor of your choice and to Hansel’s backend. This enables you to use existing events to measure the impact of your A/B Experiments on the analytics vendors’ dashboard as well as the Hansel dashboard.

Backward Integration

Hansel is integrated with Segment. Using this you can route data from your Segment dashboard back to Hansel. Hansel can be configured to use this data for its ML models.

Custom Integrations

If you have your own in-house analytics or other in-house products you can count on Hansel to easily integrate with these too! This essentially allows you to hit the ground running in quickest amount of time.

We’ve integrated with JIRA so that you now track your business logic configurations and deployment through traditional task tracking mechanism. Tie this back to the formal approval processes in your companies so that every change that impacts the product goes through the same channel.

You can now immediately get alerts on slack based on your settings for any activity on the Hansel platform that might impact your product. This enables quick communication across teams and eases decision making.


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