Feature Personalization
Interaction Maps
Your interactions homebase. A drag-drop interface to map all your nudges in a decision tree framework
Context Aware User Flows
After building user context, drag and drop nudges into the map and link them together.

Map straightforward linear paths or use context as jump-off points for additional flows in the user journey.
Personalized Nudges
Drag-drop explicit and implicit nudges into user paths. Users who fall into mapped paths experience the newly deployed nudges.

Place more nudges right after each other to create hyper-contextual nudges that address previous nudges.
Deploy classic 50/50 split tests, multi-arm or multivariate tests at any point in the Interaction Map.

Test entire groups of nudges by building additional paths within the experiment arms themselves.
Roll Outs
Roll out implicit and explicit nudges in the Interaction Map.

Manually control the percentage rollout. Deploy rollouts after a specific nudge to make rollouts not just targeted, but conditional on previous user behavior or attributes.

Validate the Roll Out by deploying experiments and variants after the rollout itself in the Map.
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