Feature Personalization
Native and Codeless
A new way to deploy differentiated product
interactions. Introduce fluidity into products
with Deep Configurations and codeless
Codeless, Templated Interactions
Every product is special but some product interactions are universal across industries,
product types and target user personas.

We’ve pre-built and templated some of these interactions, which can be instantly deployed
and customized with no code and no configurations.
Native Interaction Sets
Software configurations have typically been used to track and manage changes to back-end infrastructure, and as a practice, has never been applied to customer-facing product builds, until now.

Hansel uses Deep Configurations to transform formerly static product code into manipuble and modular objects. Create a range of Native Interactions, from simple UI/UX changes to completely new user paths and product journeys. Deploy them at any juncture in the user path on the Interactions Map.
Customize entire screens
using different Deep Configs
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