Feature Personalization

Hansel LITE

Onboard and Engage
Users in Minutes
Deploy from a library of Templated Interactions
and features to boost conversions, without
going to your engineers.
Codeless, Templated Interactions
Every product is special but some product interactions are universal across industries,
product types and target user personas.

Templated 'Out of
the box' interactions
Hansel Lite unlocks the entire library of pre-built,
no-code Templated Interactions. Deploy them to your app via Interaction Maps with
no engineering effort.

Customize elements and variables within Templated
Interactions for on-brand experiences and targeted
Chart alternate paths
to conversion
Use data from your analytics provider to create
alternate flows based on user states. At any point, deploy templated interactions/features,
that were never part of the original hard-coded static
user flow.

End flows with interactions or continue creating
additional branches based on user activity.
Engage active users with real-time and contextual guides and announcements. Deliver and then actionize on feedback from open-text and NPS surveys.

Retain users by deploying timely interventions at the exact moment of drop-off, based on insight from your customer data.
Onboard and
activate new features
Onboard users to your apps, key pages, screens, and features.
Activate users by ensuring they complete actions that drive product habits.

Account for variability in user states, cohorts & behavior, by creating alternate user flows for new vs returning users, active vs inactive, time on site, 1st date engaged, location and more.
Maximize the most out of your most engaged and loyal user base. Deploy cross-promotion or upsell flows. Trigger ratings and feedback forms at the moment when users are most likely to complete them.

Foster even deeper engagement by introducing nudges along any user paths, all with no code.
Get started quickly
Say goodbye to user based pricing and say hello to usage
based pricing. Check out our pricing page for

Get up and running in just 2 steps:
  • Download our mobile or web SDKs
  • Sync up user data from your favorite analytics provider

Start building user flows in under 30 minutes.

Hansel LITE

  • 3 interaction maps
  • Unlimited segments in maps
  • All templated interactions
  • 3 day in-app user data
  • Unlimited MAUs
  • Unlimited number of apps
  • Unlimited analytics sources
  • ADD-ONS*
  • Additional interaction maps
  • A/B testing
  • Feature roll-outs
  • 90 day and beyond in-app user data
  • Faster propagation time to end user devices
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