Feature Personalization

Hansel PRO

Customize Existing
native Interactions
in Minutes
Free existing product interactions from code.
Drive exponential returns in conversion by
deploying differentiated user flows based on
user activity.
Customize entire screens
using different Deep Configs
Any existing interactions can be taken out of code and converted into config sets.
A Unique Approach to
Product Interactions
Customize and configure any custom product
element, variable or feature without writing code. Deploy these custom interactions to create multiple
user flows in the product with no engineering effort.

Combine custom interactions with templated ones in
the user flows to supercharge engements with no code.
Free existing
interactions from
Any existing interactions such as banners, layouts,
widgets, pages, clicks, prompts, filters, sort,
carousels etc., can be taken out of code and
converted into config sets.

Create multiple alternate user flows for any of
those interactions at run time.
User Activity Data
at Your Fingertips
Hansel Pro comes with integrations to the most
commonly used analytics providers. All historical
user data can be actioned on to chart out
new user paths.
Critical Product
Hansel Pro comes with A/B Testing and Feature
Roll Outs included. Deploy A/B test with multiple variants at any
point in the user flow. Use custom or templated
interactions to create variants with no code.

Deploy Feature Roll Outs within Interaction
Maps to target roll-outs granularly.
Use Hansel’s server side integration to make
interactions delivered from backend APIs accessible
and free from code.

Once integrated, API responses can be personalized
in a matter of minutes. No extra code.
An Interface That's
Address user context by visually showcasing user
flows in interaction maps.

With better insight into user context, manage the
entirety of the product interactions in one single

Hansel PRO

  • Unlimited MAUs
  • Server side integration
  • Custom interactions with
    deep configuration
  • Cross platform segment targeting
  • A/B testing and feature
    roll-out included
  • Custom data sources
  • Unlimited number of apps
  • Unlimited analytics sources
  • External data sources available
  • More than one data source
  • Enterprise controls
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