Feature Personalization

Hansel PRO

Implicitly nudge users with dynamic interfaces
Free existing presentation layer from code. Drive exponential returns in conversion by deploying differentiated interfaces based on user activity.
Implicit Nudges, all with no code
Customize entire screens to contextualize the presentation layer that drives user behaviour. Target UI changes specific to user behavior and attributes using the Interaction Map
A unique approach to
driving conversions
Configure any product element or feature to create an implicit nudge without writing code. Combine with explicit nudges to supercharge product engagement.
User Activity Data
at Your Fingertips
Hansel Pro comes with deeper integrations to data sources. All historical data can be leveraged to target nudges in user flows.
Instill science into your nudge process
Hansel Pro comes with A/B testing and nudge rollouts included. Create variants and compare with default user flows to assess impact on core metrics scientifically.
Server-Side Integration
Use Hansel’s server side integration to make UI delivered from backend APIs accessible and free from code. Once integrated, API responses can be personalized in a matter of minutes.
An Interface That's Homebase
Address user context by visually showcasing user flows in Interaction Maps.

With better insight into user context, manage the entirety of the nudge creation and deployment process in one single interface

Hansel PRO

  • Unlimited MAUs
  • Server side integration
  • Implicit Nudges via Deep Configurations
  • Cross platform segment targeting
  • A/B testing and feature
    roll-out included
  • Custom data sources
  • Unlimited number of apps
  • Unlimited analytics sources
  • External data sources available
  • More than one data source
  • Enterprise controls

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