Feature Personalization

A reporting system that is baked into the interaction map. Understand the impact of every nudge on your core user metrics automatically.
Event Based
We’ve kept this classic, fundamental form of
reporting and organized it into 3 categories:
event count, conversion and sum of property.

Measure the total occurrences of this primary
event, its unique occurrences and the sum of
its value, if it happens to include integers, e.g.
revenue, basket size, abandonment rates.
Secondary Goal
Your customers and users don’t live in a
vacuum, so your KPIs shouldn’t either:
personalized interactions and experiments
have up and downstream effects on other

Measure an unlimited number of
secondary goals and events impacted by
the main product intervention, whether its
an interaction, experiment or roll out.
Click to See
Every node or step in the Interaction Map
represents a user segment, which is based on
user behavior or attributes.

Because they represent different segments, it’s
critical to see KPIs for each node in the map.

Within the interactions map, simply click on
any segment to view primary or secondary
goal metrics for that segment.
While traditional reporting methods are
excellent in understanding a product
intervention’s impact in isolation, they fail
to account for other product changes
that are currently live.

All product changes made within the
Interactions Map are placed within a
timeline to visually showcase the before
-and-after impact on key metrics.

Understand which interactions was
deployed when and which truly moved
the needle.
Metrics at Every
There are a few ways in the Interactions Map
where users get further subdivided into
additional segments: placing segments
sequentially in the Map, launching
Experiments and deploying Feature Roll-Outs.

Simply click to compare how KPIs and goals
differ amongst these sub-segments,
experiment variants and feature roll out
No matter the interface and layout, every
good experiment needs to reach
statistical significance.

Measure both significance and
confidence in the same click-to-see
interface within the Interaction Map.
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