Feature Personalization
Create new Campaigns without Development Effort
Once a Landing Page is decoupled from tech, Business owners have complete control over the sections on the page that are decoupled. This means they can create entire new campaigns without going back to the tech team.
Run multiple campaigns from the same landing page
With Hansel’s ability to roll out specific variations to specific groups of users, make the same landing page render the appropriate visual elements to users who land on the page from specific advertisement campaigns.
A/B Test Multiple Variants For Each User Segment
For each ad campaign, test multiple variations against each other to arrive at the best performing flavour of the landing page. All from a dashboard, without having to code the variations in!
Clean Code, Cleaner Campaigns
With Hansel, there is just one code flow for the page, no matter how many campaigns and variations the company creates. This means there is no bloating of code, and no clean ups required at the end of each campaign!

Seamless Integration

Service on Cloud, Data on Premise
Get Started in Less Than an Hour
Works with 200+ Analytics Service Providers

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