Feature Personalization

User Based Segmentation

Create groups of users based on user attributes such as age groups, location or wallet size. Use Hansel’s API to dynamically set these attributes at runtime across platforms.

Action Based Segmentation

Create complex maps of users based on how they interact with the product, and deliver different experiences based on spending patterns, engagement and other relevant metrics.

Server based Segmentation

Integrate with your backend systems to create complex user segments, without the need for additional backend releases.

Hybrid Targeting Rules

Combine multiple sources, from user parameters to external lists, to release features to targeted user groups.


Set start and end dates for promotional offers, and repeat them at specific frequencies. Schedule feature releases at specified hours, to effectively monitor their initial impact.

Custom Reports

Hansel allows businesses to use complex criteria to visualize the impact of a feature on any user segment. These custom reports can be used to identify winning variations of an A/B test within specific user segments.


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