Feature Personalization
Our Mission
To empower product teams to exercise their creativity and product mindset,
and not their ability to plead for more code.

Hansel LITE

A quick-start platform that enables
immediate deployment of templated interactions

Hansel PRO

A custom interactons platform that powers
product customization and fluidity

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Prevent drop-offs
with alternate
user flows
Choose key user data and segments to map user flows into a decision tree visual interface. Create more branches to chart alternate paths to conversion.
Deploy product
interactions with
no code
Break free from engineering cycles and dev queues
by deploying native or templated interactions with
no code. Build, ship and test faster.
Act on data
locked in silos
Combine user data trapped behind
disparate systems into a central repository to build
segments. Break free from API-based ingestions
with a no-code process.
Automate Reporting
and business impact
Go beyond simple event-based reporting
to see the impact on secondary metrics.
Clearly visualize the before-and-after of
personalized intergets. No
instrumentation or API calls required.

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Implementation takes minutes.

Supported Platforms
Hansel supports the following platforms
Java, Kotlin
Swift, Objective C
React, Javascript
Node.js, Java, Go
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