Hansel Optimize

A full suite platform that powers product management and growth solutions with enterprise level controls and startup like agility.

What You Will be Working With!

Access an entire ecosystem that product teams use to optimize, personalize and scale their product journeys.

User journey builder

Hansel Optimize’s main interface is the User Journey Builder. Drag and drop segments onto a flowchart layout to create granular moments of user context. Create, customize, and deploy nudges from the Journey Builder. 
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Full catalog of display Nudge

Optimize comes with Hansel.io’s entire library of Display nudges. With over 30 Display nudges that address multiple user contexts, product funnels and product management solutions. Hansel adds more nudges every month.
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Segmentation Engine

Create segments from user and app data with no code. Utilize these segments on the Journey Builder. Import data locally from user devices or from popular analytics sources.
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Get a clear view of the impact of nudges on users and on key KPIs. Understand the impression of and interaction with nudges on users. Click to see how a nudge intervention changes product metrics at every step along the Journey Builder.
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Multi-platform integrations

Integrate with any product platform of choice. Hansel.io adopts a mobile first approach with dedicated SDKs for iOS and Android, with web and mobile web SDKs as well. Reach out to us for more custom integrations.
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Built for scale

Hansel.io is built for consumer-facing applications and supports millions of daily active users and renders experience changes to targeted users in real-time.

Two Type of Nudges

Hansel Optimize addresses user drop-offs across the entire spectrum of product funnels and flows by deploying contextualized nudges at key moments in the user journey, all with no code.
Display Nudge
Appears as an overlay on top
of existing product experiences.
Native Nudges
Appears in line with the
native product experiences.

Context  turns nags into Nudges

Hansel Optimize creates context in multiple dimensions.


Target Nudges to a super specific group of users. Create segments and use them as targeting conditions on the Journey Builder.


Select the right kind of Nudge per drop-off area, use case, and user segment.  Personalize it by leveraging in-app or user data within the Nudge itself.


Create granular rules to trigger Nudges using event and app properties. Set suppression rules to stop showing Nudges.


Position Nudges anywhere on the app screen. Anchor them relative to a feature or button or place them in absolute positions. Make them sticky or fixed.

Important facts about Hansel Optimize


Create an unlimited number of segments and nudges. No additional pricing.

Preview how nudges will look by deploying them to a Test Device.

Enterprise level controls are available.


Hansel.io is GDPR compliant.

Data flow: control data that gets pulled into Hansel and which data flows back to analytics platforms of choice.

Adding data from sources other than analytics platforms is possible.


Hansel Optimize comes with email, live chat and phone support.

Custom support plans available, contact us for more details.

Managed Services packages available as well.

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