Optimize funnels, at scale, with
the power of Nudges. No code.

Drag, drop and place Nudges in key product flows to move users down funnels. Measure impact within seconds.

Optimization redefined

Provide more value to your end consumers with the help of nudges. Help them with the next best action and watch your engagement and revenue funnels work better than ever before.
hansel in 90 seconds

One infrastructure,
multiple Product Management solutions

Three steps to improve the product funnel

Move users through the product funnel with timely and contextual nudges.

Integrate with any popular analytics
provider. Pull user attributes and
behaviour data to derive user context.

more about segmentation

Deploy interventions from Hansel's
nudge library. Customize text, layout,
UI elements and more.

more about nudges

Understand the impact of nudges on
drop-off rates. Measure uplift rates on
core metrics automatically.

more about reporting

You're in good company!

the difference-
More Power With Product and Growth Teams

Supported Platforms

Support for client side and server side platforms

Java, Kotlin

Swift, Objective C


Node.js, Java, Go


Connect Hansel with all data tools to derive user context automatically.

Explore 50+ integrations that make your nudges more contextual.

Let’s redefine product optimization together!
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