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300 Feature Adoption Nudges. 9 Industries. 11 Nudge types. See what product and growth teams around the world are using to drive feature discovery and adoption.

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Driving feature adoption is hard!

Driving feature adoption is hard! Users are susceptible to fundamental cognitive biases that make it hard for product and growth teams to change their behavior. And that’s what feature adoption is all about - designing behavior change.

It’s no small task and that’s why we at Hansel.io wanted to see what the best products are doing today to drive feature discovery and adoption.

We collected over 300 examples of Feature Adoption “Nudges” in 2 countries across 9 industries and organized them by type and function. 

For example, a key insight we found was the structure and tone of some Nudges: some of them were instructional, with specific calls-to-action, whereas others were informational, educating users on the function of the feature. 

Download the infographic today to get more insights into what product and growth teams are doing today to drive feature adoption.
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How do the world’s most popular apps drive feature discovery and adoption?

Our team set out to find out! We collected evidence from Google, Dropbox, Instagram, YouTube and many more such top-notch, product-first companies to study the various strategies and tactics they deploy.

With over 300 visual examples of feature adoption nudges recorded, we curated this collection in the form of an ebook - Hansel Insight

Why should you download the ebook? You will get an exhaustive view of:
  • The specific features which these interesting companies are trying to elevate
  • The copy that these teams employ to nudge users towards feature engagement
  • What type of Design elements like color, placement, positioning and more are they using
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Feature Adoption Nudges

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