Hansel Onboard

A Feature Adoption Manager that’s designed to drive feature discovery and adoption. Get instant access today and deploy your first Nudge in under an hour.

Feature Adoption Nudges

Address user drop-offs and drive feature discovery and adoption, with no-code Feature Adoption nudges. Built for mobile-first products at an affordable flat rate prices.

Supported Platforms

Support for client and backend platform.

Hansel Solutions

Highlight and elevate newly released features to users
Re-educate users about existing features to reinforce habit loops
Showcase where key features are located after UI and layout updates
Bring users to the “next best step” after their interaction with a Nudge
Link multiple Nudges together to create a mini feature tour
No Code
is ‘No-Code’ really?
We get it. Promises from codeless platforms often end up requiring some development work. Here’s what product and growth teams need to do in order to get started with Hansel Onboard today.

What's a Nudge?

Hansel’s Feature Adoption Display Nudges, educate and draw users’ attention to key features without fundamentally altering the existing
product flow.

Display Nudge Features included with Hansel Onboard

Trigger Logic
Suppression Logic
Custom Dismiss Conditions
Nudge Reporting
Brand Customization
Content Customization
Custom CTAs and Destination
Each kind of Feature Adoption Nudge comes with several variants that gives product teams the options to include text, CTAs, and media.

Important facts about Hansel Onboard


Hansel Onboard comes with 3 main categories of Feature Adoption Nudges.

Hansel Onboard does not include the User Journey Builder, Segmentation Engine, A/B testing and Rollouts.

Hansel Onboard is currently available only on iOS and Android.


Hansel.io is GDPR compliant.

Hansel Onboard requires the implementation of the Hansel SDK, which powers Triggering rules. No user data is stored in Hansel Onboard.

Hansel Onboard comes with email and live chat support.

Full documentation provided for implementation and troubleshooting Hansel Onboard.

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