Boost conversions by placing nudges along a user's journey in the app, without writing a line of code.

Nudges are of two types

Display Nudges

Appears as an overlay on top
of existing product experiences.

Native Nudges

Appears in line with the
native product experiences.

Nudge Catalog

Nudges are hyper-contextual

The context of the user’s journey should match the content of the nudge.

Feature #1

Absolute and Relative Positioning

Position Nudges exactly where you want within your app. Enabled through a simple point-and-click functionality that requires zero code. Anchor Hotpots and Tooltips relative to a feature, text or button.

Feature #2

Brand Customization

Customize, control and curate the look and feel of Onboarding Display Nudges. Ensure that Nudges match brand color, font type, and more.

Feature #3

Hyper-personal Nudges

Pull user data from your app and analytics providers, like name, gender, loyalty points, location and more, to create a highly personalized Nudge. For example, you can say, “Hey [John], you have [30] points to go before you become a Gold Member!”

Feature #4

Triggers and exit conditions

Use data from your app to determine what event triggers the nudge. Set logic as to how often the nudge is shown for a given user and until which user event.

Feature #5

Custom CTAs

After interacting with a Nudge, send users to the desired destination of choice, whether that’s the default state or a different page. You can also trigger existing, native functionality and flows like subscription flows, loyalty program flows, cross-selling and more.

Feature #6

Create Segments

Connect data present in your analytics platforms to create granular user context from a simple form based interface. No APIs, no code. All nudges are made hyper-contextual.

Feature #7

Customized widgets

Text, Media, Progress bars, checklists, scratch cards, CTAs can be dragged and dropped to create complex nudge.

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