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Get started with Hansel Onboard to onboard new and returning users onto all features you release. Or talk to us to learn more about Hansel Optimize.

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Hansel Onboard

Optimize your onboarding funnels and drive feature adoption in every single release

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Hansel Optimize

Access to the entire infrastructure to optimize all revenue and engagement funnels

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Price plans
Hansel onboard
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Hansel Optimize
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Platform Usage
Platforms Supported
Android, iOS
Android, iOS, Web, mWeb,
Server Side
Numbers of Apps
($479 for every app)
Numbers of Seats
Nudge Solutions
Onboarding Campaigns-
Tooltips, Hotspots, Guide, Spotlights, etc.
Mid Funnel Campaign-
Action Prompts, Announcements, Cross Promotions, etc.
Feedback Campaigns-
Surveys, NPS, Questionnaires, Rating, etc.
Nudge Customization
On-Screen Positioning-
Absolute and Relative Positioning
Custom CTAs-
Native Functions Invokes, URLs, Deeplinks, etc.
UI Customization-
Fonts, Button Radii, Size, Width, etc.
Optimization Infra
Advanced Segmentation(no code) Engine
Contextual nudge Triggering
A/B Testing + Ramps
User Journey
Nudge Analytics
Impact on Core Metrics
Enterprise Features
Change Propagation Time
Approval Workflows
Audit Logs
Account Management
Email (1 hour SLA)/ Telephone
Professional Services

Included in all plans

The ability to deploy unlimited number of highly contextual nudges and measure the impact.

Flexible & Responsive

Nudges are designed to be responsive on all screen resolutions across mobile and web apps.


Each nudge can be triggered in a highly pivotal moments in a single user's user journey to create maximum impact.


Customize each nudge to match the theme, context and content of the nudge from a no-code interface.

Quick RoI

Measure impact on core metrics including revenue and engagement whenever a nudge is deployed, in seconds.


Is there a free trial for Hansel Onboard product?
Yes! You can try out the Onboard product for free on a sandbox environment. The changes come into effect only on production.
How can I buy A/B Testing, Segmentation, and User journey capabilities for the nudges platform?
The optimization infrastructure is offered as add-ons to your plan. Contact us to learn more about what plan is best for you.
Can I use the onboard product on multiple apps?
Yes! The onboard product comes with a simple $479 per app pricing. In case your organization wants to integrate on more than 10 apps, please contact us for volume discounts.
What is a considered an app?
An app is identified by a unique app ID and app key. For instance, if the company has an iOS app, an Android app and a Web app, each of these apps will have unique app IDs.
Are there any limits on the number of nudges I use in my product?
No. There are no limits to the number of nudges you use.
Are there any MAU limits for the onboard product?
There are no MAU limits to the onboard product. The onboard product is specially designed to onboard users to new features and to quickly get started. For access to the Optimization infrastructure, more nudges, enterprise essential features etc. Please talk to us to get a quote.

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